Dr. Catherine Mortiere earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the
University of Detroit-Mercy following 11 years with the Detroit Police
Department. She received her baccalaureate degree from Madonna
University and her Master's Degree in Criminology from Eastern Michigan University.

During her tenure with the Detroit Police Department, after serving as a
police officer performing patrol functions, Dr. Mortiere attained the
rank of sergeant and commanded the Blue Pigs, the Department's band. She sang at every police funeral in Detroit from 1994-1999. She has performed at
police functions around the country, including conclaves at Washington, D.C.,
New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama, and Portland, Maine. She has sung extensively
throughout southeastern Michigan and has also performed in Canada.

Dr. Mortiere is renowned for her definite style of performing. In commenting about this production, she said "attending funerals of fallen comrades has given me a heightened sensitivity to the loss which families suffer when one of our heroes in blue has been cut down in the line of duty. At each of these funerals, I cannot help but shed a tear within my own soul, thinking not only of those who have passed away, but also about those who must reconcile themselves to the loss and endure. It is to both those who have fallen and their survivors that I dedicate this album."

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